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Rigid 29er SS

kevinscottkevinscott Posts: 49
edited April 2013 in MTB beginners
Ok, Hi guys. This may be a completely noobish kinda idea. Not having owned a mountain bike in a few years and not seen a muddy trail in about 10 years.

However, looking at the BikeRadars Mountain Bikes for under £500 I noticed the Vitus Vee 29... ... 9-13-46662

So, in all honestly before I spend 300 quid on a bike would this bike actually be useful as a Off Roader as well as a general dogs body bike. I love how the thing looks and its simpleness has got be a bit smitten.

The review states changing the front chainring would require changing. Would that be worth it? And obvious it difficult?

Thanks in advance.



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