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Which MTB for my girlfriend?

Escher303Escher303 Posts: 342
edited March 2013 in MTB buying advice
I want to get my girlfriend a mountain bike, happy to know what to buy for myself but not for her!

- nothing too technical or gnarly, it will be for bridal ways, towpaths, mountain tracks, Pennine way, remote pennine moorland that type of thing. Not trail centres
- she's not particularly quick or strong so as light as possible for the money would best
- low gearing, probably a triple would be best
- wont get a massive amount of use so between 500-1000 pounds would be good, the lower the better obviously!
- happy to fit the bike for her myself, swap stems and bars etc. so thinking men/unisex bike as more choice just in a small size.
- She'll want to sit on it but not necessarily test ride. Have an Evans, Leisure Lakes, Wheelbase, Decathlon, halfords plus other independents nearby
- something stable, neutral handling, she's not the most confident, Lightweight for good climbing, shes 5'4" so probably not a 29er, just a 26er
- the normal candidates Voodo hoodoo, or Decathlon seem more trail bikes and too heavy and robust, same with rock hopper etc
- thinking a x-country hard tail with short travel suspension, Something like a Cube and as light as possible

Can anyone give me pointers?



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