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Pricing a used yeti 575

Yeti_RobYeti_Rob Posts: 14
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I'm not a frequent visitor to these fora, but am seeking some advice on what price to sell my Yeti 575. I need to get some photos together and then put itin the classifieds, but not sure on what is a sensible price... It's a standard 575 bought last May from new, with XT build. I spent £3750 on it but then about a month ago I bought a set of crossmax slr's which are great for £800. All was well with the world until.... I saw an SB 95 and the rest as they say is history! Would it be best to sell the bike with the slr's or sell them separately. I have the original dt Swiss wheels obviously that I would sell with the bike if I left the slr's on.

Considering the price for the lot new is about £4600 is a sensible second hand price about £3400? Would I be inundated with dreamers and time wasters? Any advice welcome. I'll be selling it after Easter.


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