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90s rockhopper restore?

theslowonetheslowone Posts: 57
edited March 2013 in The workshop
I have been looking for a knock around pub bike for a while but just remenbered an old rockhopper comp (ridged fork early 90s model) I have in the shed.
From a quick inspect it seems to need:

Complete drivetrain
Shifters (broken grip shifts)
bottom bracket
cables, brake blocks, etc

Actualy the rest of the bike seems ok (other than years of crud)

I have never taken on a project of this type before and was wondering if it would be worth the effort and cost involved. My inexperienced guess work reckons on about £200 for the job plus any tools required (although I already have the basics)
If anyone knows a good source for 2nd hand parts that would also help. The other half dosent agree with the n+1 rule and I have 4 functioning bikes already. Therfore I was thinking that a slow restore with a purchase as and when parts are cheap would prob slip under her radar. :wink:


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