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New helmet

garethfoxgarethfox Posts: 43
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Hi guys as the title says im looking to get a new helmet, Whats best to look for in getting a new helmet apart from it fitting.

Which ones are people getting nowadays



  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 14,770
    Fit is more important than anything.
  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,197
    garethfox wrote:
    Whats best to look for in getting a new helmet apart from it fitting.
    Personally I'd make sure it's the helmet that fits and not the retention system. The adjustable cradle often seems comfortable but if you can still get your fingers inbetween the helmet and your head then look elsewhere. Ideally you need as much of the helmet in contact with your head as possible to disperse an impact and in this respect a helmet without a retention system may be better. Urge Enduromatic is good but it has a round profile and ime comes up small, Giro/661/Fox more suited to oval-shaped heads
  • Fit is more important than anything.

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  • Think he's looking for the extras in a helmet after the obvious good fit.

    I'm after a new one as well, so far it's the 661 Recon that's top of the list.
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  • My head is the shape and size of a melon - only Giros fit. Other than that, you ideally want something that is light and has good venting so you don't get too overheated.
    If you are in trails etc, it would also make sense to get something MTB specific - the protection tends to be longer at the back, covering the back of your head. Adjustable peak is also good - keeps sun, rain and to a lesser extent flying mud out of your eyes.
    I'm using a Giro Hex at the moment. Fox Flux is similar but didn't feel as comfortable.
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