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9 speed XT crankset conversion to 2x10?

Cannon71Cannon71 Posts: 92
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Hi all,
I've got a 3x9sp XT setup throughout on my Ghost AMR 7500 and recently the rear mech got screwed, so I bought an XT clutch mech as a replacement. I knew that the clutch mech was 10sp but hoped to simply limit the shift range with the limiter screws, but the pull ratios are different so now I need a 10sp shifter/cassette/chain ('cos I love the clutch mech & would rather keep that than switch back to 3x9.)

Not a problem, but my question is about the chainrings: 3x10 is too much (currently, 22/32 gets me up everything I need to and 44/11 is useful for getting to & from the hills but I rarely need that big a gear) so I'm entertaining a 2x10 (26/38 +bash?) but am concerned that my 3sp front mech won't work with the bigger inner/middle rings due to the 'ramp-angle' of the mech. (Note: my Ghost has a direct-fit (e-drive?) front mech, so no adjustability.)

So, is this an option? Or do I need a new front mech & 2x10 crank too? And what length of cage would I need for 26/38?

Cheers guys.


  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,804
    You can keep your existing crankset, you will almost certainly need a double specific front mech, I tried 22/36 with a triple and it worked, but not well, stuck a Deore double on and it was great (extra benefit was that the Deore double was lighter than the XT triple I had - go figure!).

    The Shimano techdocs on their website (google Shimano techdocs - it's that easy) will give you the capacity of the mechs, just look it up!
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  • So the tech docs say my FD-M770e can handle a 22T difference, so a 26/38 should be fine, but them I'm not sure I'm following your point...

    I'd like to keep the triple as then I have the option of 3 rings or 2+bash.
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    26/38 will be fine on your cranks and your mech.
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  • Oh, that's clear! Thanks.

    How do I get beer to you? ;-)
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