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Help Figuring Out New Commuter Bike

fearsomestevefearsomesteve Posts: 6
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Hi guys,

My commute is lengthening in March from 6.5 miles each way to 15 miles each way across Central London and I'm looking for a new bike to replace my 2011 Specialized Crosstrail.

I want to go with a road bike to hopefully cut the time of the ride down (and I always wanted one.)

However I also want pannier(s) and full mudguards.

I'm looking to spend £750-£1000 on it. I don't think I'm after an out and out tourer, something in the middle. Anyone has any suggestions? I was thinking maybe a Trek 1.5? Oh and BTW I'm 6'4" and 17 stone so I need quite a robust bike!


  • CX bike gets my vote. Clearance for full mudguards, bigger tyres (some up to 700x42), disc brakes, bosses for a rack etc.

    Some to look at:
    Boardman CX
    Spesh Tricross
    Whyte Kings Cross
    Genesis (CdF, Vapour, Croix de Fer, Vapour Disc)

    For the ultimate in low-maintenance how about Genesis Day one disc - comes with f/f hub (ie fixed/single speed)

    The Croix de Fer and Vapour Disc might come in under budget if you can find a 2012 model

    I've personally owned 3 of these bikes so if you have any questions then ask away!
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  • rubertoerubertoe Posts: 3,993
    I too would suggest a CX - make the best commuters - have a look over in commuting chat for Boardman/non Boardman threads.
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  • Godders1Godders1 Posts: 750
    Fatbirds are currently doing the Kinesis racelight T2 for £1k with guards fitted. ... -blue.aspx
  • deswellerdesweller Posts: 5,271
    Spesh Secteur?
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  • I'm not sure about CX's -- I really want 700x25 or 23 tyres and a lighter frame.

    I guess I'm looking for an Audax bike...
  • jowdakjowdak Posts: 47
    I do a 12 mile commute using a Trek Madone some of road mud\gravel no problem and so much quicker than anything else.
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