Dizzy and sick

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I had my first decent length bike ride in ages today and I'm so unfit again. I went round my favourite 30 mile loop that I can normally blast round at threshold, but when I got home I felt really dizzy and queezy for 10 minutes. I normally push myself over on a couple of the climbs and can sometimes feel slightly dizzy towards the end of a climb and for 30 seconds after (which I normally put down to more oxygen going to my legs than brain), however, I don't recall feeling this dizzy after a ride.

Is this normal to feel dizzy afterwards for 10 minutes, does anyone else ever feel like that? I really need a turbo but was limited by space and money, however, I really don't want to go a month without cycling ever again!

Also forgot to mention I wasn't bonking, I had some lunch before I went out and some squash to drink on the way round. I would normally take something to eat if I were going any longer, however, I'm very used to doing this circuit without food/gels.


  • I felt the same just the other day - first time on the bike in a month - I normally do a 10 mile big ring slow ride, then a 15 faster, then my normal 30 loop - this time I did the 30 loop and felt the way burt reynolds looks - probably just too much soon - eat, drink, build up - swat I'm gonna do.
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    It's simply a case of you going too hard - I regularly feel like this during circuit training / high intensity intervals. Just knowing when to back off will come with experience.
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  • Thanks - thought that was the case. Tell you what, I'm so happy to have been out on the bike again though.
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    Had a similar experience after being off the bike for nearly 5 weeks! Feel a lot better after a 2nd ride, though. It's just good to get cycling again despite this awful weather we have to bear!
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    Me too just had two weeks off and can't get back into it, dizzy and sick. Thought it was just me!