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Tire pressure for steep hill climbs

unigeezerunigeezer Posts: 39
I tried using max tire pressure on a very steep training hill and found the climb much more difficult! I thought that the higher the psi, the lower the rolling resistance, but the wheel was much more difficult to control as it wanted to twist left & right with each half rev, making me have to work harder to control it. The tire was so "squrimy", it seemed like I was riding on ice, except I never lost traction going up. When I got to the top I knew something was not right because I was much more worked than usual. So I decided to let some air out. Not lot but just enough so the "squirm" was gone. I tried it again and it seemed much easier to control, and I could concentrate on the climb without fighting to keep the wheel on a straight line. Does this make sense about too much psi being a negative in this situation?


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