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Electro Muscle Stimulators

ariege_cyclistariege_cyclist Posts: 98
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There are always adverts in French cycling magazines for Electro Muscle Stimulator thingys such as, but I don't recall ever having seen them advertised in a UK mag. Why is this?

I've even seen Cav advertising them. Now I know that doesn't mean he actually uses them but are they widely used, is there any proven benefit, and how come we never see them advertised in the UK??


  • GabboGabbo Posts: 864
    Cefar Compex - google it!

    It does the same thing as your central nervous system, that is, stimulation of motor nerves vausing muscular contraction. More ideal for those who are less able due to injury, stroke, paralysis to prevent muscular atrophy.

    You don't need it - simple!
  • I didn't need to google it, the link in my post is the same company, but it's products aimed at sports rather than rehabilitation - I know I don't need rehabilitation and I don't really believe that they can make as much difference in sport as they claim. BUT I was asking if there is any proven benefit, any independent studies etc.??

    Also how come these type of products are heavily advertised in a number of countries, targeted at cycling and other sports? Is it that our advertising standards preclude advertising a product that cannot back up it's claims, or is there some other reason?
  • You do tend to find them advertised though typically they tend to be in more general fitness magazines.

    Perhaps cycling in the UK is undecided if these work - more than probable as they are more commonly used for for injury prevention or cure. Though they are used in hospitals for rehabilitation (had some treatment about 5 years ago after a knee op and muscle wastage from being on crutches for so long) so they must do some good at some level.

    Am no expert though so willing to take advice from those with medical knowledge.
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  • Anyone else have any experience of these? Compex in particular.

    I used one during a stage race as part of recovery.

    All I read is about muscle building and activating muscles that arent used. I still believe to be a better cyclist, you need to cycle.

    But what about using these as part of recovery, like the massage setting?

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  • FatTedFatTed Posts: 1,205
    This helps recovery
  • Other than a few extra settings and £400, how do these Electro stimulator things differ from the TENS machine my wife had when she gave birth? The desciption of one in Peloton magazine made it sound identical!
  • Wrath RobWrath Rob Posts: 2,918
    I saw one of these in last month's Cyclist magazine. No real information just that it stimulates the muscles to help recovery but can also be used when training, which was interesting. The price tag of £450 was less interesting.
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  • A friend who rides for Sojasun espoir team was given a set to use last year, i tried them out and my legs definitely felt lighter and more supple afterwards, used them in the morning before a race. Guess they get blood pumping round in a similar way to a recovery ride or massage? Doubt they would make you directly stronger but if they do help with recovery then that in turn means you could train harder sooner which would make you better.
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