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Greeny1210Greeny1210 Posts: 17
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Hi guys

hoping for some good info regarding starting out (not rode a bike since I was 15 which is over 15 years ago, I just want to use it to help lose some of weight I have put on over last few years really more than anything, I live in sheffield so loads of hills however I have come up with a quick route which is mostly flat that I can do around 3/4 miles mainly path/road and parks, this will be what I plan to do to start out as my fitness levels would mean almost certain death if I attempt any hills :oops: slightly over top but doubt I could manage any, also on beta blockers so have to be careful how much I push myself.

anyway I was looking at the bottom end b'twin rockrider range and wondered if they were any good, budget is low roughly £100 at a big push more if its realy worth it so looking at 5-0 5.1 and perhaps but unlikely 5.2

I was told 2nd hand is good but no car so chances of finding anything decent close enough is slim , what you think guys any better ways to spend my limited budget (I thought it was a decent amount till I looked at what people are paying for bikes these days, :shock:

Newbie advice 7 votes

Rockrider 5-0
0% 0 votes
Rockrider 5.1
0% 0 votes
2nd hand
0% 0 votes
Other new bike
0% 0 votes
save more money for a better bike
85% 6 votes
stick to walking
14% 1 vote


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