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WHICH MTB Rockrider 8.1/ Giant Revel 0.5 / Scott Aspect 630

robertfarr1robertfarr1 Posts: 9
edited December 2012 in MTB buying advice

Im looking to purchase a MTB for the £500 mark for tow paths and also going up into the woods. I have read comments on here and other forums about the bikes, but still cant make my mind up.

The rockrider 8.1 has brillant components, light weight, but frame and rims not very good (from what ive been told).
The Giant Revel 0.5 ive just had a look at lovely bike components are good. Its 32lbs in weight.
Scott Aspect 630 is a litle over budget but i dont know if its worth the extra £50-£100

Heres some links to the specifications of each bike, im new to understanding the components and pros and cons.

Rockrider 8.1 Rockrider 8.1

Giant 0.5 Revel ... 861/56889/

Scott Aspect 630 ... tAodDncAGg

Cheers Guys

I need help making my mind up



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