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Fitting a New Groupset

TheRollingDoorLADTheRollingDoorLAD Posts: 31
edited December 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
I've had my Giant Talon 2 for just over a year now and now recently I've decided I wanted to lighten the bike up a little. I want to change the fork to a Reba of some description first, but once that is out the way I was thinking of installing an SLX groupset myself.

Now even though I've never built a bike before I've watched/read many articles on how to install parts on a MTB bike so I think it is well within my ability to do this. I'm going to get a workstand and decent tool kit to do the job.

I was mainly wondering if you guys had any tips, tricks and hints on fitting the groupset? Any specific greases or bits and bobs I will need to make the process a success? Cheers!
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