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Chainguard for sr suntour pff

GamblorGamblor Posts: 84
edited December 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
EDIT: In the end I've bought this, ... 0356806615, already had the chainguard attatched so seems the easiest option.

You'll have to excuse my naivety, I'm a total MTB novice.

Basically I need a chainguard for my bike as I'm forever ripping my trousers to shreds. I bought a cheap one from halfords but it didn't fit, so they've refunded me. They had a look and said I'm looking at £40 for a chainguard that would fit. That sounds rather steep to me...

Would this one fit? ... black.html

All I know about it is that it has SR SUNTOUR PFF written on, and has 42 teeth at last count.

As a side note, I think the fact about 5 of the teeth have worn down means I'll need to replace the whole thing at some point in the near future - do I need to replace the WHOLE unit, or can I just buy the replacement 'cog' (the one with the damaged teeth)


Thanks for reading, and apologies for my lack of knowledge, I know some of the more knowledgable people must have felt like banging their head against a wall reading that.


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