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Newbieish Heart Rate Help

leespringettleespringett Posts: 3
Hi all, looking for some help/advice.

Been working through Jorges 16week winter cycling program from BT for a while. Now, someone gave me premium stave membership for xmas and want to sort my zones out on there.

I've completed a recent 30 min test (feel free to look here My 30 min average heart rate was 159, making my HR-mlss 154 and using Joe Friel's calculation for the last 20 minutes, I get 161. So what is my ahr (for Coggans zones) and is my lthr 161 (for Joe's zones)? I'm getting all confused.



  • jim453jim453 Posts: 1,360
    Just go and ride your bike.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Don't you normally need to do a max heart rate test ? Thats what I did and it was simple to work out your levels off there.

    How do we know how hard you pushed on your ride ? What were you expecting to get from the ride ?
  • mamba80mamba80 Posts: 5,032
    Dont get hung up on the exact figures, do the same test on another day and you ll get different numbers, whatever zones you choose, just use those until you get a power meter :)
    so long as you r in the ball park it doesnt matter.

    Have a search, there is loads on here and on the 'net about this.
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