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Broken Formula K24 Oro brake control / lever

miss notaxmiss notax Posts: 2,572
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Hello :D

Had a stupid off racing today, had a good laugh and hopped back on my bike and then realised I had no rear brake :?

Excuse the non-technical description, but the lever had been forced right back and the metal 'pin' with a ball on the end has been pulled right out of the lever and pushed through the side of the little plastic sleeve. I cannot see how the pin can be pushed back into the correct place as it's obviously been ripped out the wrong way! Will try and take a photo tomorrow.

I am riding in the Peak District the day after Boxing Day and need this bike for then. Is it fixable by the bike shop or new brake lever / control time? Can I even replace just this bit?

I had been pondering taking my brakes off the Mixy and putting them on the Orange, but this is also a bit of a work-up as the brakes on the Orange are all pullled through the frame - my mate built the bike a few years ago and I remember him saying it was a nightmare then.

So - bike shop to repair? Or bike shop to swap brakes? Either way it's bloody annoying :roll:
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