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On one Scandal 26er

twonkstwonks Posts: 352
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Thought I'd put some pics up of this mornings build.

I've come from a long line of old school bikes and found nothing to compare to the trusty 1999 Zaskar LE that I recently retired due to ill health :cry:

The first replacement for it was a Ragley Piglet frameset that I eventually found a sweet spot in the set up, but it was never any where near as light or as fast and planted going uphill as the Zaskar was.

So, after mucho deliberating and searching, I have settled on a Scandal. The Geometry when used with a 80mm stem and 100mm forks gives me within a mm of the Zaskar and the same angles.

I went with a 20" frame as although my legs are short, I have a long torso and arms so like a long top tube.

All in all so far so good and I can't wait to finish it off.

The components are a bit mix and match and I am debating going 1 or 2 x 10, but for the moment the 8sp seems to work well.

The chain and gear cables need replacing and a seat post / collar are to go on. What is there is for an indicative picture only and the saddle will go up some.

A box of bits.

A new frame

Some forks

And some time later

A little bit of work still to do, and I am unsure about the green race face bars.

I think a nice set of wide carbon risers are in order, but will see how it rides first.

Future upgrades may be wheels and brakes, but for now both are functional and as it is essentially a second bike to my FS, I probably shouldn't spend too much more.

Thought and comments appreciated. :)

Frame: On One scandal 26er 20"
Forks: 2006 Reba team Air U-turn
Bars: Race Face XC 720mm wide
Stem: Exotic 80mm 31.8
Headset: FSA Orbit 2
Grips: Race Face

Brakes: Shimano LX disks. 180mm front, 160mm rear

Shifters: LX 8sp
Cables: Shimano
Front Mech: Deore 9sp
Rear Mech: XTR shadow

Seat: WTB Shadow
Seat Post: None yet
Seat Post Clamp: None yet

Cranks: SLX
Chainring(s): SLX
Chain: None yet
Cassette: Old XT 8sp
Pedals: M520 spd
Bottom Bracket: SLX

Front Wheel:
Rim: DT 4.2D
Spokes: double butted
Hub: Shimano LX
Tube: rubber
Tire: Rocket Ron

Back Wheel:
Rim: DT 4.2D
Spokes: double butted
Hub: Shimano LX
Tube: rubber
Tire: Rocket Ron

Weight: 11KG as the pics.


  • leythervegasleythervegas Posts: 191
    edited December 2012
    Very good looking bike this twonks, love it. I had the same frame and ran 1x9 and it was superb. Really light and chuck able. I ended up riding it more than my FS it was so good. I'd keep the green bars and get a bit of green going on elsewhere if I was you. Will look great.
  • twonkstwonks Posts: 352
    Cheers. Most appreciated :)

    I have to say that I was quite surprised at how light it felt when I picked it up.
    I found £30 in my Paypal so have bought some green spangly bits to break it up a bit.

    The next picture will be it built up properly with green seat post clamp, crank bolts and cable ends :mrgreen:

    I'm hoping it will ride well and can't wait to try on the trails.

    I very nearly went down the steel framed 150mm hardtail with slack geometry, but after deciding that the Piglet was too far away from my ideal I think that would have been a mistake.
  • stubsstubs Posts: 5,001
    They are damn good frames. I have a 7 year old 18" frame hanging from my shed ceiling although its retired at the mo it will reappear quite soon in the future as a weight weenie project. The comfiest hardtail I have ever ridden and it will be the last bike part I ever sell.
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  • twonkstwonks Posts: 352
    Finally got it built up properly with an on-one seatpost and some green goodies :)


    Quite hard to picture it properly, but it has green chainring bolts, cable ends and seatpost clamp.

    Had the first ride today around a wet and very soggy local woods.

    Have to say it rides very well indeed.

    On paper and to a degree by the photo it looks like the frame is too large.
    I knew this would be the case as I have relatively short legs - but I wanted a stretched frame without the seat being 14 miles above the bars. For me this works well and tbh I care not what it looks like :)

    Seem to be almost effortless along singletrack and whilst the conditions didn't lend themselves to flying around every where, I never felt like the bike was holding me back.

    Downhill it feels quite strange. Sort of glides over things rather like the Piglet frame it replaced - not at all harsh and girder like of my previous Zaskar. Uphill it is more Zaskar than Piglet, which is 100% what I wanted.

    Very impressed and need it to dry up a tad for a longer faster ride.
  • stubsstubs Posts: 5,001
    Looking good and I totally agree with the ride feel. Only problem with the Scandal if you cant get up a hill you know its not the fault of the bike its the engine is no good :lol:

    My Scandal weight weenie project is on hold as my car is falling apart and needs replacing yesterday. Get that out of the way and a tough sensible but lightweight rocket will hopefully appear when the trails are dry and dusty and the sun is shining.
    Fig rolls: proof that god loves cyclists and that she wants us to do another lap
  • Lovely looking bike! I really do love the look of the On-One frames, they just look great.

    Enjoy your ride!
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,777
    Looks good, the touches of green on an all black frame works for me.

    I just could never have an on-one with those funny yoked seatstays - just don't like the look of them!
    Current steed - Whyte T129, 2013 frame, mongrel Revelations, Giant dropper, Stans S1 wheelset. 12, Magura Trail Sport brakes, 1x11. 12.8Kg
  • twonkstwonks Posts: 352
    Thanks for the kind words.

    I'm much of the same opinion about the seat stays, but for the money there was no real option - other than second hand (which I didn't want to do)

    It was this or a Merlin / Rock Lobster frame. The Merlin Malt 3 very nearly bought but I was slightly put off by the very short top tube, especially when part of the spec was for a long TT with shorter stem.

    I'm sure I'd have been happy with a rock lobster in the end, but I'm very happy with the Scandal so far.

    A ride on the FS over the weekend will probably dampen my love for the hardtail :lol:
  • stubsstubs Posts: 5,001
    I like the seat stay yoke reminds me of a Reynolds 853 DeKerf frame I used to lust over in the late 90s but could never afford.
    Fig rolls: proof that god loves cyclists and that she wants us to do another lap
  • I like the seat stays also! I lusted after this frame for a long time and was close to buying one. Nice bike, shame about the green :P
  • twonkstwonks Posts: 352
    I like the seat stays also! I lusted after this frame for a long time and was close to buying one. Nice bike, shame about the green :P
    After having the bike built a while now, I have to say I agree with you about the green :mrgreen:

    The forks will soon be replaced with white Maguras and I fancy some carbon risers, so the green will be going.

    Shall post more pics when it's done around February time.
  • twonkstwonks Posts: 352
    Here is how it looks now :)


    Mods are Magura MD100R 100mm forks.
    Superstar switch evo - stans crest rims
    Formula K24 brakes
    Easton EC70 carbon bars

    The green has gone :)

    First ride as is now will be tomorrow.
  • Looks great! Good brake choice!
  • twonkstwonks Posts: 352
    Ta Mr Penguin :)

    The 'new' forks and brakes were hand me downs from my recently upgraded FS.
    The wheels were brand new and during the first ride after a massive 4.5 Miles of Sherwood Pines, the back one kindly released itself of tension in every single spoke this afternoon.

    A push to the car park left me rather unhappy and they are heading back to SS tomorrow .... grrrr :(
  • twonkstwonks Posts: 352
    Bit of an update to the update :lol:

    The Scandal frame has gone, the wheels and forks are now on my OH's bike, and the rest is in a box in the garage.

    This weekend I will be building up a C456 with 140mm Revelation 426 forks and a few other bits and pieces :mrgreen:

    This will be my final attempt to get a hard tail that I actually want to ride instead of my FS.

    If it doesn't create the desire then I'll go back to n (with no +1) ;)

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