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Spearfish build, techincal issues, fork steerer length etc

weeksy59weeksy59 Posts: 2,606
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Evening guys,

Well i've stripped the Giant XTC29 frame which has now been sold on, started on the build of the spearfish.

This is where it's all gone a little wrong.

The steerer on the fork is (i think) too short. I'm running a 45mm stack height stem, with a Hope headset. (Not fitted the head doctor insert yet, still has the SFN installed). So my problem is that the steerer comes up short by 22mm. So, i've been doing a few calculations and what i realistically need is a 20mm stack height stem. A 15mm would be even better...

I'm not hugely concerned about the length/reach on it at this stage as i've no idea what the bike is like anyway hahaha.

So lads... inspire me ?

(I don't want to go down the road of selling the Fox forks and replacing with another set of Rockshox (which IMO are not as good).




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One of these lads ?



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