Do old alloy wheels have any value ?

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Hi. I wondered if old alloy wheels have any value ? Even if only scrap value. I am sure my alloy wheels could be refurbished at least (I don't have the skill), but it seems a shame to throw them out since they are all alloy wheels (with faults such as broken spokes etc). I presume cash converters won't accept 'broke' wheels. Is there anywhere that would take them ?


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    very low value and you will need to seperate it out. spokes steel. nipples brass hubs stripping and breaking down to their parts.
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  • If they're in good nick and if good quality and/or unusual then an enthusiast might well have a use for the rims and hubs.

    If you have a local bike recycling project, you can take them there...

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    Some alloy wheels are shocking BSO territory, worth a couple of quid if they work, others may have some value for someone who can make use of component parts.
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    As someone who needed to source a couple of replacement spokes recently, but had trouble finding the right size and shape in anything but a bulk pack, I'd say yes, strip them down and offer the bits for sale individually. Alternatively, if you can't be bothered, stick them complete on freecycle, as someone will have used for them, and you can save yourself a lot of trouble trying to sell them.