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New rider looking for bike £900-£1400

nathanbutlernathanbutler Posts: 2
edited November 2012 in MTB beginners
Hi everyone, Im new to mountain biking. Always had an interest just never the budget to do it. Im getting a bike on the Cycle To Work scheme so may aswell go all out. Ive been looking at a Kona Cinder Cone ( but want something a bit higher spec. I like the shape of it and the fact it has 26" wheels. Im not a very bulky guy so im thinking a 29er might be too big, where as Id have more control over a 26er.

I want the bike mainly too get into trail riding and to be able to just shoot about town jumping what I want and tail whiping over stuff! Danny Macaskill style! I know its along way from complete amature but I plan on keeping the frame and upgrading parts as they brake and as I require better.

Any advice on what brand parts are good and why would be great.

Thanks in advance!


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