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Rear Hanger moving about when freewheeling

northernfishnorthernfish Posts: 5
edited November 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
Its probably a simple fix but i'm not overly clued up on the mechanics of it all.

Basically when pedalling its ok, but the second i start to freewheel the rear hanger lurches forward and chain slackens worringly. I then have to pedal like mad with no resistance in order to pick up the slack.

I've trawled internet for a bit and closest looking answer appears to be the "freehub"?? Is this likely to be it?, is it repairable and roughly how much would the LBS charge me for it?. I'm gonna fetch it round to the LBS tomorrow but was just wondering it there is anything i can be doing?

Bike is only 10 months old but has done approx 1500 miles.

Any help would be most grateful.


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