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Am I right to advise this...

concordeconcorde Posts: 1,008
edited November 2012 in MTB buying advice
Bro is getting one of these two on the C2W scheme. I've said both will get you to work with basically the same effort so get one more suited to the stuff me and my mates ride for when he comes with us i.e. trails (Afan & Brechfa) and various mountains in the South Wales valleys. He's not going to be able to get an AM bike so closest possible...

Out of these two,

Cube Ltd Pro 26 2013

Saracen Mantra Expert 2013

I told him to go with the Saracen for the following reasons:

1.) 20mm more travel
2.) 2degrees slacker head angle
3.) Shorter stem

But then the Saracen has a longer TT and WB?!

To me the Saracen is more trail orientated? In the long run I think the Saracen will take longer to 'outgrow' than the Cube. Or am I making a mistake and advising him incorrectly? Obviously we're going to try both, but on the whole am I right?



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