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What would be your choice?

stiscoobystiscooby Posts: 139
edited November 2012 in MTB buying advice
I have finally settled on a pay-out from the insurance regarding replacing my stolen bike (you may have seen some of my other threads on here :wink: ).

Basically I will have to get a bike from Halfords as the equivalent bike they came up with was a Voodoo Bantu (to replace my nearly two year old Mongoose Tyax Elite 2010) and if I didn't accept a bike from them (they also use Wheelies but the bike was some "land Rover" bike ?!!?!? ) then the insurance company would pay-out directly but it would not be to the value of £399, it would have been more like £299 because they don't get a discount from the supplier - all a bit of a con really but hey ho.

Anyway - I am now going to be sent a Halfords voucher for just over £600 (£399 to match the current price of the Bantu and a bit over £200 to cover the cost of the accessories, so..........

My options are:

1) Get a Voodoo Hoodoo (I think it would be more worthwhile spending the extra over the Bantu). Only 'slight' reservation over this is the paint work, I’m not sure how long that would last? This is currently £499 (Seen it cheaper recently though) but if I join the British Cycling Scheme I gather you get 10% off from Halfords so this would make it £449? Then get some accessories with the remainder of the voucher.


2) Spend most of the voucher and get a Boardman Comp. Currently £649 but could be £584 with the British Cycling discount? Then less accessories.

Voucher lasts for 12 months so in no hurry to get something immediately, might be a discount on some time soon with Christmas coming up?

Opinions please??


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