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Halifax 24/12 Hour Enduro

fenners68fenners68 Posts: 6
edited November 2012 in XC and Enduro

Would anyone be interested in a 12 or24 hour Mountain bike endurance race around the Halifax area next year ?



  • Yes. 100%

    I'm local (littleborough) so it would be ideal and the terrain would deffinalty be more interesting than a stately home estate.
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  • Hi

    Thanks for the interest, we are going to ensure it doesn't clash with any of the othechallenges that have been going for a few years. A website will be up soon and we will keep you informed . Do you have any specific comments.from previous events that we can embrace to ensure it is a good day ?

  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    All weather course.

    Lots of toilets and showers.
  • Hi

    That is what we thought of as quite important and also a 24 hour repair team in case of repairs, and probably a 24 hour food bar ?
  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Yes definitely the food, absolutely fundamental.

    Mechanic is probably useful, although knowing several people who've done it they say people tend to just turn up with a totally trashed bike and expect them to fix it FOC, rather than the point which is repair bikes damaged in the race!
  • All of the above, also running it next to a river or lake will help reduce the queue at the jet wash!

    How serious about this are you? JMC did it with Hit The North and had a massive (but fun, i think) headache.
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  • Hi,

    Thanks for the reply. Very serious which is why I am starting the planning now. Speaking to all the different authrnorities etc, getting feedback from people like yourself. Loads of background work going on at the moment.


  • Do's:-

    24 hour Hot food
    Decent camping area
    Around 8-9m course, not overly technical because it pevents overtaking and causes bottlenecks.
    Good quality timing system (with live updates prefereably)
    Trade stands, we all like a few freebies.
    Fairly compact course if possible, spectators can watch the racing that way.
    Allow BBQ's

    Boring course over freshly mown fields
    Course location thats prone to muddy conditions
    Finish at 3pm on a Sunday, 12-12 would be an ideal time frame allowing people to pack up, watch the prize giving and make the journy home in a reasonable time.

    I'll add more as I think of anything.
    Advocate of disc brakes.
  • grawpgrawp Posts: 46
    I think it lives or dies by the course.
    Take The gorrick 100 for instance. It rained and rained right up to the event yet still 95% of the course was solid and provided quality, twisty singletrack to keep the motivation up after the legs had died.
    Black Mountains 3 day; was a total mudfest but the course was epic in the mountains. Don't forget we are mountain bikers not track atheletes.
    Do you have a trail centre you can use, because a natural track is going to suffer?
    If you could route the course through a tarmac car park and right through a big marquee for pit crews/food stalls etc then you would have a USP. With our unpredictable weather, a guarantee of some dryness would surely be a seller.
    Wish you luck.

    P.S. A good compare on the mike makes a whopping diffence too. most my favourite events this year have had a funny guy on the mike. (Big Dog, Black Mountains 3 day)
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