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Saracen Mantra 1

J_asonRJ_asonR Posts: 55
edited October 2012 in Your mountain bikes
Evening All (Depending on your location),
Below is a pic of my oldish (2005/6/7) Saracen Mantra 1.. I got this for Christmas sometime in the 3 years mentioned, but I don't know exactly when..

Anyway, I will be using this bike for some XC fitness riding and hopefully doing the C2C from Whitehaven to Sunderland in the Spring of next year..

I dont know any of the specs on it as it's not a decent bike and to be honest, it's just to get fit and hopefully after winter I'll get myself something half decent which I can know all the specs for like a proper biker!

This bike was hardly rolling at the beginning of September, but after a little tinkering on the brakes, a new crank set, new tubes and some time at the LBS for gearing problems it's now working as much as I need it to for the moment..


I also have a Specialized road bike, but I know even mentioning it in this part of the forum is bound to lose me any potential friends!


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