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Left to die The unused bikes

RulebritaniaRulebritania Posts: 209
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I noticed over the last couple of weeks a few cycles just locked and left to die a slow unused death. In my block of flats there is a secure basement with cycle racks. I have not yet been round the whole area but with 10 feet of mine are two cycles with flattening tyres and cobwebs on the cogs.

A Giant Defy & a Specialized Allez

I think its such a waste of decent cycles. I'm going to look at the rest of the bikes and see what other wasted money is there.

Anyone else see a wasted bike? If so what is it
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  • Contact the owners/administrators of the block/parking area and get them removed.
  • rodgers73rodgers73 Posts: 2,626
    Leave a note on them offering to buy them. Bet the owner would let them go for not much and you can resell them on ebay at a profit (after as minor service and a clean)
  • estampidaestampida Posts: 1,008
    this is a product of the c2w scheme

    A few commuters get bikes in the office because they want to commute, the rest of the office go.... oh I want a bike

    but have no drive to use it so it sits and rots away

    my car park has a few of these (mainly low end voodoo and boardman from halfords...)

    the local scally's know about it and have been stripping them for wheels and disk brakes, and forks.....

    that's right they lock the down tube to the locking point and get the wheels robbed - a true sign of a non-cyclist that does not understand.....
  • lc1981lc1981 Posts: 820
    There are a couple of these in the bike shelter in the car park of the flats where I live. One, a white "Reebok" mountain bike, looks like it's never been used. It had its saddle stolen last year. The other is a purple Apollo, which I'm, pretty sure hasn't moved in the whole time I've lived here - 5 years. They're obviously not worth much, but they take up space and make it difficult for me to get the only bike I keep outside, my commuter, into the shelter.
  • I'd look to buy one at Christmas, The Defy is still in good nic considering it standing there.
    Don't call me sir I work for a living
  • unixnerdunixnerd Posts: 2,864
    A guy at our work has a decent hybrid, but it had a rear puncture. It's been left there for so long that security put a notice asking for the owner to come forward. - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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  • sheffsimonsheffsimon Posts: 1,282
    Got a Carlton Corsair road bike languishing in the boiler room at work, in very good condition. Has been there for years apparently, and is in very good condition.
  • AndyPkrAndyPkr Posts: 20
    I had a Carlton Corsair back in the 1980's. It was a really nice bike. They must be quite rare now.
  • I had a stroll around and found another Allez lurking....
    Don't call me sir I work for a living
  • Leave a note saying you're claiming them if they're not claimed within a week. Free bikes!
  • JamesB5446 wrote:
    Leave a note saying you're claiming them if they're not claimed within a week. Free bikes!

    The Ethics of Stealing a Bike
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