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sram sx5 shifter jammed

mac-cosmac-cos Posts: 80
edited October 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
My month old SRAM SX5 shifter has jammed , wont pull or release any cable even when disconnected from rear mech. Taking it to the dealer to sort as its under warrenty but Is this a sign of things to come with this spec SRAM kit? it hasnt been subjected to abuse /endo'd so rather miffed its failed after limited use.


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here

    and what were you doing to cause it to jam? was it on or off the bike?
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  • Parked up after a short ride when it was working fine. Tried to use it this am and it wouldn't shift up or down. Its clean , never been buried in mud or water just no more clicks up or down :/
  • mac-cosmac-cos Posts: 80
    Fixed by my LBS . apparently according to the tech its a common feature for sram shifters to get jammed if they've been clicked to release cable (accidentally) when the wheel isnt rotating/rear mech cant move as the slack cable can then get tangled in the shifter and when clicked again jam and sometimes censored the internals. Mine just needed untangling and a new inner cable fitted.. I probably knocked the shifter when storing the bike after the last ride.
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