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New, overweight, getting new bike help !!!

Paulaann1969Paulaann1969 Posts: 2
edited September 2012 in MTB buying advice
Hello everyone I'm new to cycling, need ur help urgently please!!! Firstly love bike radar such an informative site! Any way next wk I intend to spend £400 on a spanking new bike for meeeee omg soooo excited :D anyway please help! I want a mountain bike, I've done quite a bit of research over last 2 months! I'm 5ft 3 and unfortunately 18 stone :( but working on it! It's a start! I need a bike to get this weight off! Soooooo this is where I need u!!! I like the carrer centos,carrer vengeance ladies, carrera kraken and the voodoo Bantu, all halfords and the diamond back reaction sport! Which is best for my weight and hold up on me! I've heard the carrera kraken is great please help! Thanku xxxxx


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