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Hip Pain

BlakeysFCBlakeysFC Posts: 233
edited September 2012 in Training, fitness and health
Hi All,

Currently coming to the end of Week 10 of my training regime on the bike.

Never had any problems with my hips or anything atall before, on or off the bike.

Changed my saddle last Friday (21st September) and ridden three times since then (40 miles on the 23rd and 12 miles on the 25th and 12 miles yesterday 27th).

I first experienced the hip pain on the 40 mile sportive last Sunday, and it has continued on my twice weekly 12 mile rides and maybe even got worse since, spreading to my lower back and knee area too.

I never experienced any pain in this region (only nether-region numbness) with my old saddle, so is it purely the new saddle that is causing the problem?

Should I take it back and put my old saddle back on again?

Should I try adjusting the saddle up/down, forward/back so I no longer experience the hip pain?

Should I take my new saddle back and exchange it for a new one?

Should I just man the f**k up?

Any advice would be much, much appreciated. I'm doing a 30 mile sportive on Sunday and am worried whether my hip's going to hold up or not?
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