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Turbo Trainer to replace defunct Tacx Excel??

rafletcherrafletcher Posts: 1,235
edited September 2012 in Training, fitness and health
Until last winter I was using a Tacx Excel turbo trainer. This had a head unit that allowed me to programme a number of training regimes based on say, power or (the one I used most) HR. I could programme a length of training session - say 40 minutes, with a variety of HR's - say 10 minutes at 125, 20 minutes at 160, 10 minutes at 125 with the motor brake adjusting resistance to maintain HR. You get the idea I'm sure. I found it very useful.

It died. I tried a Tacx Fortius VR trainer - and (albeit I haven't tried that hard with one) I wasn't able find any way to replicate the sort of training I did with the Excel, and wasn't that keen on the VR aspects either.

So I'm looking for recommendations for a turbo that will do what my old Excel did. I know I could DIY it with an hydraulic unit and a Polar watch for instance, but if I can get one that does it automatically with an electric brake I'd much prefer it - especially if it isn't hyper-bucks (I expect to pay mega bucks sadly). (Or if someone can tell me it's possible with a Fortius! :? )
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