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training dvd?

mkvikenmkviken Posts: 217

just ordered a turbo

can anyone recommend a decent training dvd or or they not worth bothering with?



  • richaricha Posts: 2,020
    Checkout Trainerroad & Sufferfest.
  • ShutUpLegsShutUpLegs Posts: 3,522
    Do a few sessions and see how you get on before spending money on training dvds. I tend to stick a movie on with the stereo blaring.
  • wilo13 wrote:
    richa wrote:
    Checkout Trainerroad & Sufferfest.

    Sufferfest are great, they make the time go much faster and you have the benefit of a pre planned workout. All you have to do is SUFFER!
    And Sufferfest integrates fully with TR :D
  • Just done the Hell Hath No Fury dvd from the sufferfest, had to stop after the second 20 minute effort; dizziness and black spots in front of my eyes. I even managed a little stagger as I stumbled out of the shed, much to the bemusement of my next door neighbour! Love these dvds!!
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