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100 mile beast on 28th Oct but have a 2.5 week holiday

NITR8sNITR8s Posts: 688
edited September 2012 in Training, fitness and health
I am doing the exmoor 100 beast on the 28th Oct and feel up for it now, the only problem is I am going on a 2-5 week holiday starting this sunday and fear that i am going to lose the strength and endurance I have built up in my legs.

I am staying in a villa so will be swimining as much as possible, but was wondering if anyone has any advice to try and limit losing what I have gained by training so far.


  • getprggetprg Posts: 245
    Hire a bike?
  • NITR8sNITR8s Posts: 688
    looked into it, its more expensive than hiring a car. £30 a day!
  • getprggetprg Posts: 245
    Apologies just picked your post up. Not sure where you are going but if hire is expensive why not buy a supermarket special for about 99 euros or dollar equivalent. I did this - worked a treat.

    BTW if you are ever looking for a place with pool in Spain we know one that comes with mountain (and reasonable spec road bikes by special request) included in the rent. Just a thought for the future - apologies for the plug.
  • NITR8sNITR8s Posts: 688
    Going to Florida, but do like the sound of that villa in spain by the mountins. Ive found a bike shop in Florida that will rent bikes out but it is like £35 a day. I have had a look at the wallmart specials and although very comical I can pick up a road bike shaped bike for about $150 dollers.

    However I might only get a day or two to go for a cycle so may opt to just rent one if I get a chance. Only thing I am worried about is the laws on cycling on a highway in the US. I havent got a clue and those trucks they drive are quite big.
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