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MTB Newbie - Help and Advice wanted

jaylawjaylaw Posts: 7
edited August 2012 in MTB beginners
Hi Everyone

I am an MTB Newbie, decided I need something fulfil my adrenalin needs over the winter!

First things first I need a bike and this is where I have become stuck. I have been browsing all of the second hand bike forums and sites and have been to my local bike shop where I had a quick go on a Giant XTC 1.

My ultimate question is what would people recommend for a newbie who is looking for an all round MTB, budget of £500 to £1200 for a bike.

So far I have been recommended the On One Carbon 456 by a friend who has one and have tried the Giant XTC 1 (both hardtails). It has also been recommended that I do not want to look at/get a full sus bike yet - why is this?

Thanks for all your help and advice in advance. J


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