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rear mech help with double front really stuck

sadler89sadler89 Posts: 67
edited August 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
sorry but may be being abit thick cannot figure out what length rear mech i need reading through other post

i am going to be using a double front 36/24 and rear either 11-32 or 11-34
any help would be great thanks tony


  • Chunkers1980Chunkers1980 Posts: 8,035
    36-24 = 12
    34-11 = 23

    Your new mech needs to cover 35 tooth capacity.
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    What mech do you have now - if you are using it on a triple it will work.
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  • sadler89sadler89 Posts: 67
    Ok then thanks a lot think tht means I need a medium cage in SRAM mechs looking on oter posts and also have a specialized big hit which is single speed on the front 8 rear so looking to get double front and 9 rear to make it an all mountain rather than just a downhill cheers tony
  • sadler89sadler89 Posts: 67
    sorry last thing seen a sram x0 setup with someone and is a long cage mech would this work with the setup i have 35 tooth capacity when im looking it seems to come up with i need medium but would a long cage be ok thanks tony
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    as long as it has a range of 35 or more and you have a sram shifer of the correct speed then yes.
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  • sadler89sadler89 Posts: 67
    ok then thanks for all your help
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