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What testing before winter Turbo Training?

pilot_petepilot_pete Posts: 2,120
edited August 2012 in Training, fitness and health
Hi all

I am looking to improve my TT ability for next season as this club season starts drawing to an end. I will mainly be concentrating on 10s and 25s. In order to do this I am looking at getting a turbo trainer and a plan! I won't have access to power data but plan on using heart rate training zones.

So, my question is what testing should I do before hand to set my training zones? Presumably a cycling ramp test? I know it is possible to do this yourself, but would prefer a controlled environment, so my next question is where can I get one done between or near to Stoke on Trent/ Manchester? Google didn't help much I'm afraid.

Also, should I look at any other tests like Functional Threshold? Or is this all calculable from the Ramp Test?

Thanks for your input.



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