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Feedback on a couple of things

jeannot18jeannot18 Posts: 720
edited July 2012 in MTB buying advice
Currently running on my RR8.1, is a X9 back derailleur (3 x 9 speed)

I want to buy a couple of tools to add to my collection, would this be all right, I don't really want to spend too much as I only maintain my bike and do that as a hobby.
Cassette removal tool: ... delID=7975
Chain whip ... elID=10184

Also I remember a thread (that I could not find anymore) about a 9 speed chain from Ebay, people were recommending it,so if anyone has the link
And could anyone recommend a cassette, thanks
Pédale ou crève
Specialized Elite Allez with 105
Rockrider 8.1 : )


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