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Gym training to help climbing

Full MerckxFull Merckx Posts: 143
I fully appreciate that there is some disagreement over the benefits or otherwise of using weights to improve cycling, however I would like to try a weights programme over winter to improve my climbing. I will try to get super skinny, but all of life is a balance. If the great and the good of the forum were to offer suggestions on a suitable programme it would be much appreciated.

Thanks ... july2012-2


  • Tom DeanTom Dean Posts: 1,723
    Perform squats on an incline to simulate alpine gradients.
  • Leg press: ~ 6-12kg per leg around 5000 times per hour, for an hour.
  • P_TuckerP_Tucker Posts: 1,878
    Leg press: ~ 6-12kg per leg around 5000 times per hour, for an hour.

  • ut_och_cyklaut_och_cykla Posts: 1,594
    Exercises that mimic cycling movements as closely as possible - own body weight stuff, free weightsfor core, single leg squats, weighted squats, deadlifts, bellbar rowing leaning forward. Maybe chins, press ups etc. Focus on good technique, and work up to pretty heavy /few reps (3-5) . Don't expect to feel tip top on the bike during the heavy phase, but skip LSDwhile you do and concentrate on intervalls as a complement to teh weights stuff. No more than 10% of yearly training time in total - perhaps spread over 12 weeks - December jan & feb?
    Just an idea. It might not help hill climbing directly though - but you will learn how to suffer!
  • dave35dave35 Posts: 1,124
    Keep out of the gym for a start. Find a hill that will take 3 to 5 mins to climb, then once or twice a week ride up it 3 to 5 times staying seated. Try changing up a gear every time you do it,you'll be surprised how something this simple works.
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