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Is this for real

campagonecampagone Posts: 270 ... -harm.html

Seems like a bull censored story to me, I've heard it before I was sceptical then, and I still am now. Googled thinking somebody has got their story wrong it but it comes up several times on the web on Livestrong etc (so don't go knocking the Mail :wink: )

I believe that tour cyclists typically burn around 6000 to 8000 calories a day, yet I'm sure they don't eat like this pig does, it's a wonder he gets any time to train let alone being able to move after all that food.


  • dw300dw300 Posts: 1,642
    Read journalist's name. Conclusion : Journalist is female.
    Read photo captions. Conclusion : She want's his c*ck.

    How many calories per hour would his training burn? I guess if he's training 8-10 hours a day it's within the realms of possibility, although I doubt he's near it everyday. His weekly average would certainly come down significantly if he doesn't train the full 7 days a week.
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  • phreakphreak Posts: 2,562
    I thought most top swimmers did perhaps 2 swim sessions per day of maybe 2 hours each, plus a gym session. Even if we say that's another 2 hours, it seems incredibly unlikely he'd burn that many calories per day.
  • okgookgo Posts: 4,368
    Lets not forget that his general burn rate of calories will be much more than a cyclist. He's much bigger, has much larger muscles, also his workouts will be much more explosive and hard work I imagine.
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  • GiryaGirya Posts: 23
    It's covered in the book 'the 4 Hour Body' by Tim Ferris, a NASA scientist called Ray Cronise saw the 12000 calorie claims, and calculated it would take more than 10 hours of butterfly a day to burn the excess calories, his research led to the Thermal Load of the water. Water is 24 times more thermally conductive than air, Phelps spends three to four hours a day in the water. ... d=12000983

    Worst part of the article is the rubbish spouted by Jenny Dawes :wink:
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