Jerseys from China......



  • cougie wrote:
    Monton cycling do them too.

    Almost as good as the real thing - but seeing as my adidas sky shorts came apart after a few wears - I'm hoping these will be better.

    Pro team kit is disposable these days - too many kit changes. I'm not paying £160 for kit that's out of date almost as soon as you buy them. Yes garmin - that's you.

    Got my Castelli Team Garmin (not Garmin Sharp) kit from wiggle for a 30% discount, IMO looks better without the red Sharp logo.

    Bib shorts = £58
    Team summer training jersey = £45
    Team winter thermal jersey = £55

    Compared with my China rip off kit, there's simply no difference. Stiching is so much better on the genuine gear, the pad in the shorts is a million times more comfortable and the lycra quality is worlds apart.

    I can't comment for the quality of the genuine team sky kit, but being addidas I wouldn't touch it; mainstream cheap rubbish.... Addidas should stick to football shirts and chav fashion. stick with Castelli and you can't go wrong; it's expensive, but you get what you pay for.
  • snoopsmydogg
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    came across this thread and had a bit google for Monton. Seems to be 2 sites though

    Do people use or or are they just the same company with 2 addresses?
  • BBH
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    Snoops, just posted the same question earlier, see the thread on monton legit? Prob on pg 2 or 3 now
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