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Cube AMS 29 vs Norco Revolver 2

mosstiermosstier Posts: 3
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Hi there

I have been mountain biking for about 1 year now and I absolutely LOVE it! I would like to upgrade from a hard tail (Scott aspect) to a full suspension and I am struggling to decide between a CUBE AMS 29 ( which currently costs 1500 GBP and the Norco Revolver 2( ... 8#features) which is on sale for 1700 GBP.

I will not be using it for any racing, so speed is not really important - I am doing it for fun. I am also a woman so I am probably a little bit more careful than some of you blokes when it comes to the downhill sections (so the shocks will probably not take as MUCH of a beasting!). I will be using it for riding mostly single track trails - I have done a number of red trails (both natural ones and ones at trail centres) all over the country and one or two black ones (Gulp! I am still honing my skills!)

Any comments will be greatly appreciated!


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Hi welcome, bring your friends - far too many ugly buggers on here.

    IMO the Cube, better suspension, comparable everything else except maybe brakes. And you don't really need those anyway.
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  • mosstiermosstier Posts: 3
    Thanks for your advice - that is what I also figured - who needs brakes? ;-)
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