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Turbo Training Music

SoniSoni Posts: 1,217
Can't believe some of the summer training tunes recommended on Livestrong, i realise that not everybody has the same likes in music, some of the stuff i listen to that motivates me, probably wouldn't motivate others.

I like various different types of music, but for training its got to be techno/trance/house/dance music, for those the same as me what types are you listening to at the moment?

This is pretty good:-

Really picks up around 3:15, i like female vocalist mixes, any of you guys listening to any decent female vocal mixes at the moment?

This is another nice female vocal mix, probably the best trance mix of 'died in your arms', problem is she starts around 0.58 and leaves at 1.50 and then it sounds like some type of Scooter (the group) track!

East Clubbers Moon & Back remix isn't bad either

Any other recommendations? Female vocal mixes?


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