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Kinesiology Tape

carl_pcarl_p Posts: 980
Seems to very popular with Italian footballers not to mention pro cyclists.

Anyone using it on here, and does it do any good?
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  • d87heavend87heaven Posts: 348
    Scientific proof seems thin on the ground with studies showing no real proof one or the other. Although scientific studies should always be taken with a large dose of scepticism.
    If it makes the athlete think they feel better then I suppose you could say it works in one way. Personally I think it is probably a load of tosh at worst but the phsycological merits of 'treatments' should not be under estimated.
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  • They work most effectively when coupled with nasal strips.
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    It's an expensive short term fix (if you believe the hype) For most of the ailments it can apparantly fix,a physio or indeed your GP would probably be better in the long run.

    It's one of those things though,as a multisport enthusiast I may well end up benefitting from it someday. I have swimmers shoulder atm which could be helped by it,but more than fixing stroke issues and rest? I'm not sure.
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