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Elite Jetfluid Pro v SuperCrono Power Mag ElastoGel

GingagimpGingagimp Posts: 14 ... -team-sky/ ... egory_id=3

Really quick and hopefully easy question from a Newbie to Road Cycling, which should I go for and why?
A list of the pro's and con's for each would be helpful to me. I know they are quite differently priced and I think that Team Sky use the Supercrono in the 3LC Road Training DVD.....that's as much as I know.
I have a FELT F95 and as I cannot afford to buy a 2nd bike need to use this indoors as well as outdoors, a couple of questions I have are as follows:

1: Do i need a 2nd rear wheel for turbo trainer use? ie: good wheel for road, another for turbo trainer.
2: If yes, should the wheel be identical to the present rear wheel and cassette etc

If any one has any other info that may be useful to me, please do reply.

Thank you all in advance for any replies I may receive.
Gingagimp :O)
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