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food in the final week

DonutDadDonutDad Posts: 104
Well, the event that I got into this sport for back in March is finally upon me - The Cyclone, in Northumberland on Saturday 30th June.
Originally I foolishly thought I'd be able to have a crack at the 104 miler, but family/work life have well and truly got in the way and as such I've lowered my sights to doing 'just' 63 miles.

This is still going to be a big effort for me, I've managed a few (thoroughly enjoyable) 30s and just one 40 mile ride (after which I had a half hour nap...) and I'm wondering how best to prepare, food-wise etc, if I need to do anything special, to get the best out of myself on the day. I'm 44, 6ft 3in, 210lbs and hitherto bone idle (I have lost a stone doing this though) :D

Until now I haven't been paying any special attention to my diet (for years...), but I thought I might lay off too much sweet stuff so I'm not just running on sugar - and I'm going to have early nights all week too. is there any sense in that ?

Just panicking a bit here, getting a bit nervous and needing a bit of confidence that I'll get round in one piece.

And should I approach the ride by getting round as fast as I (sensibly) can, or, if i have the day to do it, take the day, smell the roses, stop for a cuppa etc? but of course that means longer in the saddle and possibly getting more fatigued from sitting there for hours?

Haven't really thought about tactics, and maybe I should. Any thoughts?


  • Eskimo427Eskimo427 Posts: 288
    The best advice i can give you is:
    Have a proper meal for breakfast. Try and do this at least an hour before starting, some people recommend 2 hours.

    Start the event at a slow/moderate pace and keep it up. You'll find if you get in with a group of riders your speed will increase without realising it and without too much extra effort. If you're maintaining a pace where you're unable to talk (excuding hills) slow down and get your breath back.

    Maintain a steady intake of fluids, never allow yourself to get thirsty! If you do you could be in trouble. Fill your bottle(s) at every opertunity. That way you'll never get caught short.

    Enjoy it. You will learn from the experience what does and doesn't work for you.

    Best of luck.
  • DonutDadDonutDad Posts: 104
    thanks for taking the time Eskimo,
    I had a gentle ride this morning, deliberately not pushing on too much - and surprisingly only taking 10 minutes longer on my usual 20 mile time. I even got a pb on a strava segment on the way (probably because I'm usually resting after a fast downhill). Good tip re: the talking, I'll keep that in mind.

    I'm really looking forward to it, taking it easy with food and drink this week and come saturday I'll be raring to (steadily) go!
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