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Brake Bleed kit - advice needed for a noob

mountaingoatimnotmountaingoatimnot Posts: 185
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Had my 2010 Spesh Pitch (old new stock) for a few months now and the brakes are superb, but i'd like to be able to bleed the Juicy 3 when needed

My son's new Merida uses Hayes Stroker Ryde brakes - as this is a 2009 model, i want to bleed / flush the brakes with fresh fluid (one brake is ever so slightly mushy anyway).

Looking around on eBay there seems to be a multitude of kits, from simple squeeze bottles to syringes - most are labelled for specific brakes too

Is there a generic universal brake bleed kit, or one suitable for Hayes and Avid Juicy ?

Many thanks


  • bomberesquebomberesque Posts: 1,701
    I bought a "universal bleed kit" from CRC many moons ago, I suppose they still sell them or something similar, it should list the brake models that it's suitable for

    also; find a video on break bleeding on you tube, it's invaluable (or was for me)
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    get the right kit of the right rakes it makes life so much easier. and there is not really a one that does them all as the all have different methods. read the manuals for the brakes you have and see how they compare or dont.
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  • Cheers guys - just thought there may have been a single kit that had various tubes/end fittings

    Edit - i found the icetoolz universal one with numerous adaptors, but since its more money than buying the two kits I need I'll just go with two specific kits :D
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,802
    I Have an Avid Bleed kit and then bled the hayes with just a syringe and tube......
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  • Have bought the Hayes specifi kit from EPIC on eBay.

    I dare say i can pick up the correct adaptor and a bit of pipe if needbe for the Avids

  • Kit arrived Friday, but with other priorities over the last few days, it was today when i had a go bleeding for the first time. Followed the instructions provided by Epic (i also remembered to replace the bleed screw in the level cylinder which they omitted from the instructions :( ), and was easy, completing both brakes in 25 minutes. The longest part was putting the bike in the correct position to do the bleeding - if i'd had a stand i could have done both brakes in 15 minutes.
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