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cheap gps tracker for strava type sites.

buy_my_cookiesbuy_my_cookies Posts: 114
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I have searched the forum and most seem to say the Holux GPSport 245 from DX but thats about £50, I've seen some post's saying that maplin was doing something for £20 which is now sold out. Are there any other units for the £20 mark that will do the job? I just want to be able to click start put it in my back pocket and click stop when i'm finished then get home and upload a gpx file.


  • Kieran_BurnsKieran_Burns Posts: 10,052
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  • king_jeffersking_jeffers Posts: 694

    Yeah, I find it uses less battery than other GPS apps - such as endomondo. You can pick up a basic android based smart phone quite cheaply now.
  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 24,082 Lives Here
    I think UE got his Holux from Deal Extreme for a chunk less than £50. Not as cheap as £20 though.
  • Veronese68 wrote:
    I think UE got his Holux from Deal Extreme for a chunk less than £50. Not as cheap as £20 though.
    Actually, the plan changed as DX were taking their time, bought it off eBay for about £50. I'd say that the best bit is that it's always on your bike. Like tonight, it was a headwindy, unremarkable commute until I decided to have a crack at a segment. I wouldn't have set my phone off before I left, and I wouldn't have stopped, but the Holux is always on. Plus it's a cycle computer too.
  • whitebait01whitebait01 Posts: 610
    I've got a Holux 260Pro, with hindsight could do without the HRM and cadence and would have gone for the cheapest one. It tracks pretty solidly, picks up satellites fast and works as a good cycle computer too. All round very happy with it and I believe the 245 has got the same GPS chip, so above pros should be the same for it too.
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