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Complete Roadie newbie and got my first bike! (Pics)

adam0bmx0adam0bmx0 Posts: 263
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Hi all, been a member for quite a while now but hadn't posted. Basically been riding bikes all my life, got into bmx'ing at around 16-19 while also riding MTB's, then got into DH racing so did that for a few years in Devon/Cornwall, moved to London last Oct so sold my DH bike, been commuting on my Chris Boardman HT with slicks and the forks locked out but want to got into the road side of things and join a club.

He's a few pics from over the years of my various bikes!


Long or short travel depending on my terrain!








So erm yea, had a few (some not pictured) and currently own 4 bikes now, 3 not pictured! (CB, Commencial, and a BMX)

Currently living in Elephant and Castle, bought myself a lovely '09 1.7 Trek, full 105 groupo. Not been out on it yet as i need to trim the steerer down and fit a crown race;


So yea, thats me, looking forward to getting out on her and seeing how different it is to all my other steeds!

Just a quick Q, should I run 28c Fr/23c Rr or 23c Fr and Rr?

Front currently fitted with a 28c Schwable Kojak, but can switch it to match the back, a Michelin Dynamic Sport.


If the bar ain't bending, you're just pretending


  • petemadocpetemadoc Posts: 2,667
    Welcome to the road side. You'll soon be enjoying some high speed rides.

    I've not heard of people using different width tyres front and rear before but I'd say 25 for both gives the best results
  • JohnnyV111JohnnyV111 Posts: 50
    Love the MTB collection. As your bike handling skills appear to be (cough) "above average" you'll have no problem at all with 23 tyres on both wheels and I'm sure you'll be zipping along in no time. Have fun!
  • chadders81chadders81 Posts: 744
    Just remember the bars won't spin.
  • adam0bmx0adam0bmx0 Posts: 263
    Done some purchasing, now running on Mavic Ksyrium Elites fitted with Michelin Pro 3's and an Ultegra cassette;



    And a Specialized Toupe seat;


    If the bar ain't bending, you're just pretending
  • them's some sexy wheels
  • thefdthefd Posts: 1,021
    Those wheels look sweet. I have Mavic Aksiums (cheaper than Ksyriums) and they are lovely - so yours will be great.
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  • adam0bmx0adam0bmx0 Posts: 263
    Update. :D

    Here is my Trek in its most recent spec an '09 1.7 with full 105 and '10 105 Sti levers with Ksyrium Elites and GP4000s'.


    Had a great summer on it, did a few sportives in and around London. Did London 2 Brighton and went out to Surrey etc up Boxhill.

    Now after a fair few miles and nothing wrong with the Trek, I fancied buying a nice carbon frame and swapping all the parts over so the hunt began. I had ridden some very nice carbon bikes and had always prefered the feel;




    And this is what I bought (ok not as good as the above), a mint '10 Focus Cayo with MegaExo BB fitted and an SLK K-Force light seat post (Not pictured)


    So spent the last few nights building her up, cleaning parts, fitting new cable, grip tape and bought an Ultegra 6700 braze on front mech and here she is, just need to trim the rear mech cable as still getting it spot on.


    Looking forward to getting out on her this weekend!
    If the bar ain't bending, you're just pretending
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