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getting a shorter stem, do I need wider bars?

BigLee1BigLee1 Posts: 449
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Hi folks, I`m getting a shorter stem for my Dawg deluxe fs. It was originally on a 110mm stem with a 680mm bar but I`m seeing a lot of bikes now with really short stems and wider bars. I`ve ordered a 70mm stem from carbon cycles to try and was wondering if I need to mate it with a wider bar and if so what should i expect from the handling with said wider bar? I`m rather looking forward to being able to move around the bike a bit more rather than the feeling of being stretched out :)



  • gaff_taffgaff_taff Posts: 346
    Can't comment on the stem shortening as i have always rode the same one, but it will make you less stretched out and in a more wide posistion, the difference between bars is a different story, when i changed mine for longer ones i loved it, felt much more in control and little bumps or rocks had much less of an effect, Chopped about 8mm off each side and i love it, perfect for me, Just buy bigger and cut off however much you wan't

    Just be warned, them gates that used to be a bit of a squeeze wont be so much fun anymore :twisted:
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    It's a personal thing.
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  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,197
    A shorter stem will have you sitting more upright and many people combine a short stem with a wide bar so that they are not sitting too upright, whilst at the same time having a more direct feel to the steering.

    As others have said wide bars are a matter of personal preference but what you should be looking for is a bar that still allows you to flex your elbows and move about easily while riding.
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