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Happy News

Stone GliderStone Glider Posts: 1,227
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There has been plenty of bad news on this Forum of late. So here is some good news! My new Grandson, Harley, arrived four days ago, weighing 8.4lbs at Manley Hospital. Mother & baby doing fine, as are Grandparents plus Dad and brother Kai. Doing our duty in Oz at present, staying in Northern Sydney ( on the edge of a cliff!). Borrowing the son-in-law's MTB (I know) and riding around Narrabeen Lake, which is flat, but getting back home requires some serious slopes with the front wheel lifting :shock:

The weather is lovely for late Autumn, clear skies and 21degrees :) Back to Blighty next week to enjoy the full effect of a British Summer.
The older I get the faster I was


  • AggieboyAggieboy Posts: 3,996
    Lovely! :D Had my first one 2 years ago - great isn't it. Going to be hard leaving to come home I expect isn't it?

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  • Stone GliderStone Glider Posts: 1,227
    I have been told that Grandchildren are the reward for not murdering your offspring.
    The older I get the faster I was
  • OffTheBackAdamOffTheBackAdam Posts: 1,869
    It's also revenge upon your offspring, so they can have all the headaches & worries you had!
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  • Cleat EastwoodCleat Eastwood Posts: 7,508
    after a great days riding its nice to come on here and read some happy news - share the joy - and harley is a nice name too - what are the odds his nickname will be Topper, hehe - congrats anyway.
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  • tim_wandtim_wand Posts: 2,552
    More of it!!! Great news congratulations to you and all the family, Lets have some more good news on Cake stop,
    I know i ve contributed to the doom and gloom of late, but thats just life, which is why cake stop is the best forum on here, lets have some good to go with the bad. Ying and Yan.

    Cake stop comes in for a lot of stick from the other threads on here, but IMHO its the one that potrays proper human emotion the best.

    Okay Matt, Aggie, Cleat, Yossie et al post some smut to prove me right
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