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Family Bike Insurance

catherinebcatherineb Posts: 9
Hi - we have just bought two new bikes and now have bikes worth around £700 in total in our family - 4 bikes for 4 people, does anyone know of an insurance company which insures for a family of bikes rather than for separate people.


  • bobs bikesbobs bikes Posts: 589
    im pretty sure cycleguard do a policy where you tell them the total value and then the amount of cycles and list each one.
  • It only insures bikes for one person not a family - thanks though
  • leshereleshere Posts: 38
    I assume you mean comprehensive British Cycling Insurance covers multiple bikes...cheaper if you have membership. All policies that I have seem are hedged with conditions most need at Bronze or above lock attaching at the least to an immovable object: in fact if they are stolen you will probably not be meeting the terms of the policy. So I insure our bikes, some of which are 'attractive' (Boardman and Cannondale Six13) for third party only. I would urge third party it is very easy for a child to clip a (hopefully stationary) car and cause several 100 pounds worth of damage.
  • andy-64andy-64 Posts: 51
    There's loads out there if you search the internet, if its just for theft you house insurance will cover them
  • catherinebcatherineb Posts: 9
    I'm still hunting for a policy which covers the bikes in a household compared to the British Cycling one which insures multiple bikes owned by a single person - thanks for your comments
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